Workshop on Time Management & Classroom Management

Pragyan Public School, Jewar organised a workshop on Time Management and Class Room Management. Ms. Smridhi Sagar was the resource person of this informative educational workshop from Ratna Sagar Publication. The workshop was started with lightening the lamp and holy prayer of Goddess Saraswati. After the prayer Mr. Harish Kumar Sharma the manager of Pragyan Public School. welcomed Ms. Smridhi by presenting a beautiful pot as a tocan of love from whole Pragyan members Mrs. Soniya (Junior wing Incharge) and Ms.Priyanka Sharma (Primary wing Incharge) were also accompanied. This workshop season was started with a warm up activity in which every body participated.Teachers learnt the new ways using which they can warm up their children before starting any topic in the class. They learnt how they can recall the points through an Atlas game activity Ms. Smridhi emphasized on the concept of ‘over plan’ and to have ‘back up’ plan. Teachers learnt to manage the time by some useful tips. Teachers not only learnt the benefits of managing the time but also dicussed the obstacles those come in the way of managing the time. The difference between ‘context learning’ and content learning by very good example also cleared to the teachers. The finer points of effective teaching plan was suggested.