Science Workshop

A very innovative and inventive based on scientific experiments was conducted for teachers and students in pragyan public school on 28 June, 2018 Thursday.

Dr. K.S Singh (Asst. Proff. D. J. College Baraut Baghpat ) Mr. Ashish Gupta (Growell school Baraut) and Mr.Mukul Rathi (Johar School Baraut) all associated with I A P T organisation were the resource persons of this one day workshop.

The workshop was started with the holy rituals of Saraswati Pooja. The Chief guest along with key persons and Mrs. Deepti Sharma Principal, Pragyan Public School, Jewar, Mr. Harish Kumar Sharma (Manager) kindled the lamp of light and offered their prayers to worship the godess of knowledge Maa Saraswati.

Mrs. Deepti Sharma Principal and Mr. Harish Kumar Sharma (Manager) Welcomed the resource persons By Presenting gifts and greeting cards as token of love to mark love and respect. Mr. Ashish Gupta and Mr. Mukul Rathi demonstrated some innovative experiments based on Air pressure, laws of reflection, refraction, force, measurement of force in Newton, longitudinal waves and transversal waves, Convex and Concave lens.

The experiments carried by them were so interesting that all the students and teachers were mesmerized to find the facts. After performing the each practical the key persons explained the logical scientific concepts of each result.

Then method of creating a medium with chalk dust to show the incident ray, reflected ray and normal in the same plane was phenomenal. Making vernier calipers with the help of paper and scale was an unforgettable experience for all the students of senior most classes XI & XII.

All the students and teachers felt enriched after the workshop. Finally Mrs. Deepti Sharma Principal (P.P.S.) presented a sincere vote of thanks to the resource person. She also informed all about the establishment of Atal tinkering lab in Pragyan Public School, Jewar in future. She wished that the school will become a centre of scientific research and innovation. She thanked the whole science dept. for successfully conducting the workshop.