A brain storming workshop for teachers on the subject “BRAIN EXCELLENCE & SKILL DEVELOPMENT” was organized by SARC (Scientific & Applied Research Centre) in Pragyan Public School, Jewar, G. B. Nagar on 11th Sept. 2018, Tuesday.

The Key Presenters of the workshop were Mr. Virendra Singh (Director SARC), Dr. P. Dhana Raju (Research Scientist) Mrs. Shashi Bhadauriya (Co-ordinator SARC) and Mr. Nikhil Raj Singh (Memory Techniques Trainer).

The Workshop was started with the offerings of holy Prayers and Shlokas to worship Maa Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. IT was followed by a warm welcome to the presenters by the school Principal Mrs. Deepti Sharma and School Manager, Mr. Harish Kumar Sharma. In the beginning session of the morning, Mr. Virendra Singh (Director) introduced the aim and objectives of SARC. He illustrated different learning styles and different types of personalities. He also brought in light, the various challenges in teaching like; low memory, stress management, lack of communication and exam fear, among students. He demonstrated various activities to explain the human brain system. He also described the three stages of mind; conscious, sub-conscious and unconscious. He urged everyone to wish well of others daily so that there can be happiness on the earth.

In the next session, Mr. Nikhil Raj Singh suggested various innovative methods to sharpen the memory skills. He demonstrated many ways to develop the sensory organs viz, eyes, nose tongue, ear and skin.

Next, Presenter Mrs. Shashi Bhadauriya explained the need of Emotional as well as Intellectual Intelligence in the context to the teaching practices. She described the difference between positive and negative emotions. According to Mrs. Bhadauria, Positive emotions can attribute to so many positive powers in performing at work, Physical health, mental health and mutual relationship. He emphasized that emotional Intelligence(E.I.) and Intellectual Intelligence (I.I.) go hand in hand in every success.

Mr. P. Dhana Raju, the research scientist demonstrated the ideal classroom system and situations that make us a good teacher or an ordinary teacher. He emphasized that good teachers are remembered by their students life time and this respect is a valuable asset for a teacher. Mr. Raju was much very impressed by the ambience and positive attitude of the pragyan teachers and management. He also invited the selected students and teachers to the upcoming conference of ISRO to be organized by Govt. of India.

Finally, the Principal of Pragyan Public School, Jewar, Mrs. Deepti Sharma Proposed a vote of thanks to all the members of SARC team teachers. She expressed her hope that in the coming time, the school will become an avenue to the scientific innovations and research work.

Mr. K. P. Sing (HOD, English) co-ordinated the workshop.