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“Education must enable individuals to become conscious subjects of their own growth and responsible participants in a community.”

 PRAGYAN educational philosophy is a firm belief in the statement, “Every child is potentially the light of the world but needs quality education & proper guidance”

We believe that the school has the most important role in shaping human potential. A modern school must, therefore, act as a lighthouse of society. To illustrate the sentence Pragyan is providing meaningful education, spiritual direction, guidance and leadership to its students, parents and society.

The fundamental truth is that a child has three realities. All these three realities must be addressed for education to be balanced and meaningful.

  • A Child is a Spiritual Being
  • A Child is a Human Being
  • A Child is a Material Being

Pragyan education is focused entirely on the three realities of a child (Spiritual, Human and Material) to make him/her total quality person. Pragyan focuses to address a child’s academic as well human and spiritual development.

We aim to avoid the mediocrity of conventional learning and sincerely wish to share the joy of moulding spiritual and secure human beings contented with their achievements.

We provide best type of educational environment to our children. We develop some great qualities in our students which are the demand of today’s modern era for example Nationalism, Honesty, Morality, Persistence, Regularity and Punctuality.

The purpose of the Pragyan is on the holistic development of the students entrusted to its carte. Apart from academic excellence, we emphasis on cognitive development, value education, inculcation of good behaviour and conduct.

Pragyan is committed to educating tomorrow’s strategic citizens and also provides the students with great opportunities to participate in the fine arts, vocal, instrumental, physical educational activities, recreational sports and many more. We have the best learning environment with excellent physical infrastructure and top human capital. Our dedicated teachers inspire our students to achieve the highest possible academic standards while focusing on the needs of the individual.

Current Updates

12 students score 10 CGPA in the year 2014-15 and the names are Palak Aren, Jyoti Agarwal, Naushad Khan,Sakshi Agarwal, Anjali Sharma, Priyansh Sharma, Karan Tevatia, Anjali Talan, Ankita Ravi, Mansi Chaudhary, Nidhi Rajput, Vivek Agarwal.

Its an over whelming news that same happened with student of XII standarad who brought laurels for school by their outstanding results of different streams like humanities, science, commerce Sakshi Sharma, Geetanjali Sharma, Nishant Chaudhary, Jattan Talan, Rupal Kothari, Gopal Bansal, Meenakshi Goyal, Sakshi Sharma, Ruby Meena.

Glorious selections of 6students in reputed national competitions including IIT JEE and many other in UPTU with top ranks

Labour's Day was celebrated in Pragyan Public School. The whole ministerial staff was honored with gifts and awards. Many competitions and programmers were arranged for their recreation.

A grand birthday celebration of all the teachers was celebrated who had their birthday in the same month on every coming first week of every month grand feast was enjoyed by whole staff and birthday teachers are solicitude with lovely gifts making their birthday a special and grand one.

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