School History

Chairman, Kalawati Educational Society, Jewar has decided to start an English medium, co-educational C.B.S.E. affiliated school to cater the great need of such a school in this rural area. Consequently, Pragyan Public School came into existence on 2nd July 2003. The main aim of the school is to provide quality education by well qualified and experienced faculties and to create an environment of Self-learning through experiments and audio- visual aids to make the young generation a perfect citizen of India who may contribute to transform young learners into the global citizens who can contribute to the all walks of life serve the society at large. At Pragyan education is a great learning experience.

Pragyan public school exclusively focuses on all aspects of a student’s life. The students focus on improvement and awareness in five areas: Emotional, Mental, Physical, Social and Spiritual. All five areas are essential to the success of a student, when a student takes the steps to develop into a complete, well-rounded person she/he is on the “Trail to Success with total Quality Person”. Students and staff work together to develop a unique blend. Pragyan has a community of warmth, respect, mutual cooperation, friendship, leadership, and love. The students and the staff are truly a team.

The Scientific orientation/culture is the additional and main mission of the school to provide the base for the scientific development. Vocational courses are introduced from class XI to make the young generation Self-dependent. The school imparts quality education without distinction of caste, creed and color, so that the children may develop their personality and individuality the fullest extent and may prove themselves useful members of the society and the Nation. Students have opportunities to develop leadership skills. Each student has the opportunity of leading a community service project; planting a garden; developing a resume; building craft, etc. Taking part in skill building projects is an everyday occurrence. Students discover who they are and learn to share themselves with the people they come into contact with. Each student learns to confront the past and look forward to the future by following a very proven “Trail to Success with total quality person”. “This Trail to Success” leads each student to develop Self-esteem, Self-awareness, Self-confidence, Self-reliance and Self-management.

Pragyan is a model platform for learning and leadership development,….
A model for learning and leadership development transforming character-building life experience into a high level of self-knowledge, personal connection with the world around them and an excellent mentoring and educational experience.