Day-Boarding with its flare and flourish

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Day-Boarding education is often considered torturous, excruciating and grievous for many reasons without knowing and thinking its bona fide image. Day-Boarding is generally conjectured like an imprisonment or detention just because of its extended or prolonged timing, forgetting and ignoring the pivotal and prominent constituents and ingredients which are quite fructuous and rewarding to our disciples.

Pragyan Public School with its utter amenities, is such a rare example of uniqueness of abode of learning, making others in this competition awe-inspired, green-eyed and deadly curious to know the secret and latent components which are making it the first choice and voice of our desirous and longing parents for their wards.


Its ultimate and unopposed admiration, credit and compliment go to our esteemed and perfectly practical administratrix, Mrs. Meenakshi Chaudhary who has been praiseworthy for her motherly touch, care and concern with her wonderful command and control over her subjects and students, with unobjectionable knowledge and practicality of dealing and treating students to ensure the true aura of learning and grooming.

Pragyan Public School, with its entirely steadfast and tried-and-true staff with their great aspirations and ambitions towards a single goal to achieve a sanctum sanctorum of learning, is working for its attainment relentlessly.