Examination & Promotion

Assessment is a day to day activity which a teacher undertakes to know and discover the qualities, talents, abilities and short comings of the students. The teacher uses various techniques and methods to know, study and assess the student’s mental, physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and spiritual development. The teacher is in constant touch with the students to help them in their all - round development.

To assess the progress of each student in the various subjects and to facilitate an intense study of all the subjects, the performance of the students will be tested in FAs, SAs and syllabus based activities. All promotions are decided by the Principal in consultation with the teacher at the end of the academic year. Promotion is granted on the basis of the grades/marks obtained in the assessment/ examination as well as the general performance during the entire year. In deciding the promotion of a student, the grades/marks of all the examinations will be taken into consideration. The minimum pass marks in each subject will be 40 percent. Special arrangements for assessments/examinations cannot be made for pupils who for any reason are absent from any of the tests or examinations. Absence/leave in an assessment/examination will be treated as having received no marks in it.

Written work is only one of the many ways of assessing a student. Even in the written work, the teacher takes into account the QUALITY, ACCURACY, NEATNESS and EFFICIENCY with which the work is done. Besides the written tasks, the students are graded for their response in class, class work, sketches, display of models, charts, etc. They are expected to express their thoughts freely and confidently. The teacher also takes into account honesty, creativity and originality of the work, while allotting grades. Willful breach of the rules and regulations during the examinations is punishable with expulsion from the examination hall, or subsequent cancellation of the entire examination. The result declared by the Principal will be final and will not be reconsidered. Parents/ guardians should personally collect the progress report card issued after the exams and return the same duly signed to the class teacher, immediately. Class assessments must also be signed by the parents as and when directed by the teachers. As a general rule, no answer sheets will be shown to the parents.