3rd Annual National Conference of Association Of Indian School Counsellors and Allied Professionals (AISCAP)

Pragyan Public School, recently had participated in The 3rd Annual National Conference of AISCAP, that was held on 15th and 16th Feb,2014 on “The art and science of New Age Parenting & Innovative Practices in School Mental Health Promotion—The Charm, Challenges & the Culture of Wellbeing” at Moolchand Medcity Hospital, New Delhi. The conference was organized with the AISCAP with collaboration of Expressions India.

Shri Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE was the Chief Guest of the event .Prof Janki Rajan, Ms.Veena Oberoi,Ms Saroj Sharma, Prof J.L Pandey, Ms Usha Anand and many renowned educationists from CBSE, NCERT, Mental Health Professionals and Health Care providers from various Ministries participated in the pioneering event and provided valuable inputs towards school counseling services as an important component of educational reforms.

The conference commenced with the inauguration and lighting of Lamp addressed by the Honorable Dr.Jitendra Nagpal, Co-Ordinator, Expressions India and Sr.Cansultant Psychiatrist.

As the theme suggests, Becoming a parent is indeed, the most rewarding experience one can get for during one’s entire lifetime. Giving birth to a baby comes with divine bliss, several responsibilities as well as concerns of upbringing.

Various Scientific sessions and a variety of activities were lined for the participants across the country. The annual oration of AISCAP was conducted by Mrs. Ameeta Wattal.

The first scientific session ‘Changing Dynamics of parenting: Bridging the Gap’ was carried forward by Dr.Aruna Broota, Clinical Psychologists.

“In the challenging world, parenting a child with challenging behaviors a challenge but it is one that parents can overcome with the appropriate strategies.”

The second session in this series was focused on “Profile of child and Adolescant, Mental Health well being a call for Action in School” by Ms.Preeti Parekh and Mehak Wadhwa. They made the participants understand the various tips about parenting.

The third session was on Real counseling in the schools implementing solution focused brief counseling and forming psycho education groups by facilitators Ms.Astha and Vandana Tara.

Thought of the conference was that parents are their children’s first and most important teachers and that investment in strong parenting is crucial.

The entire societal and emotional wellbeing of a nation is significantly enhanced when parents have one tool they need to help their kids start school learn develop necessary social skills and grow up as productive adults.

On day 2 the Chief Guest was Ms.Vineet Joshi, Chairman, CBSE and the Guest of Honour was Prof. Namita Rangonathn, Dept of education, University of Delhi.

The fourth session was “Parenting children with special needs and Remedial Collaborations Psychosocial Aspects of specific learning disabilities.”

That was case work and applied interactions by Dr. Renu Malviya, Dr.Tulika Talwar and Ms Nishtha Madan, they put out their vast knowledge on the subject.

The fifth session was “Plenary paper presentations by counselors” which were moderated Ms.Ritu Dhigra . Last but not the least Valedictory Ceremony took place on “Anti Bullying and Ethical Guidelines for schools training”. The day came to an end with participants carrying information, skills, responsibility, emotions and a great experience along with them.