Director's Message

"Arise! Awake! And Stop Not Till The Goal Is Reached"

Harish Sharma, Director, Pragyan Public School We believe that education is the bedrock of all transformation and progress. In pursuance of our belief we forayed into the field of education in the year 2003 . During this time the school has created a niche for itself. Our philosophy is not restricted to textbooks & seminars. It is practical and stretches out to encompass a child’s total personality with emphasis on spiritual and character building of student. The human mind has no limit. It has no boundaries but we need to push ourselves if we’re to discover who we really are. Education can alone help us to unlock the power that lies within! There is fiercely strong need to inculcate mental robustness in students right from childhood. Participation in games, co-curricular and team event help to build up inner resources to a very large extent. Both the teacher and the parents have to ensure that the child develops the desired level of confidence and self–esteem.

The teaching-learning technique in the school is mainly based on Do, Feel, Learn, Reflect and Be. Children here mainly learn through exploration, experimentation, critically examining things and suggesting alternatives. Field trips, educational tours, visits to historical and cultural places enhance their learning. We have tried to create an environment which is conducive for learning: it aims at high achievement by challenging the pupils. The school is conscious that mere intellectual growth is not enough: the refinement of the soul, - Atam Sanskriti - is needed. Therefore, there is plenty of emphasis on those finer and delicate values which constitute the grace of life.

I extend my thanks to all the parents who have entrusted the education of their children to us and also to my co- operative & dedicated staff members.

Harish Kumar Sharma
(Director / Manager)