Code of Conduction

Note to Parents : The education means not only studying but to prepare a gentle and worthy citizen also. To make a child worthy and responsible citizen, parents or guardians should co-operate the school and its system. Some important points are :-

  • Check and sign student’s School Diary daily.
  • Send the child in full uniform with book, stationary, tiffin, water bottle etc. All the students’ belongings should be labeled.
  • Encourage the child to participate in various school activities.
  • Be careful about child’s company in and outer and school.
  • Student’s books & notebooks should be covered neatly, cleanly labeled.
  • In case of absence in exam, that exam will not be conducted again for the absent student. His/her absence will be counted in that exam.
  • In case of any Infectious or Contagious disease send the child in school after cured completely.
  • Please notify the school about any change in your address or phone number.
  • The Principal and teachers will be available in the school form 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Parents may meet them in connection with their ward’s academic progress/ general performance after prior consultation on phone.
  • Parents are requested to visit the Principal and the Administrator in the office during working hours after prior appointment. Kindly refrain from meeting them at their residence and in the off-school hours.
  • In case Parents/ Guardians wish to withdraw their ward during the middle of the session, they will have to pay the fee laid down by the school according to the rules and regulations.
  • If the school fee is not paid on time, the student will not be allowed to take her term/ annual examination.
  • Parents are advised not to meet teachers during their teaching periods.
  • Parents must not meet their ward before obtaining prior permission from the principal.
  • Parents are responsible for the home work/studies in general of their wards.
  • It is obligatory on the part of parents  to come to school on every PTM.
  • In all matters pertaining to studies, behaviour and welfare of the students, the Principal's decision is final and binding on the parents/ guardians.