Health and Physical Education

Pragyan Public School is fortunate to have a large, dedicated space in which students come, twice a week, to learn and to enjoy physical education and health. Our program includes an integrated physical education and health curriculum.
The physical education component focuses on many different strands throughout the year.Movement concepts and skills include where the body moves in relationship to space and other people.Locomotor skills include various ways to move from one place to another like skipping, running, hopping, jumping, etc. Fitness concepts and skills include learning about the four concepts of muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility and how they apply to all sports and movement.Non-manipulative concepts include skills that the children develop to perform stationary balances, moving balances, rolls etc. Social Concepts and Skills include safe practices, teamwork and cooperation. These strands contribute to the physical health and well being of the child.
The health component includes topics such as personal, fire and playground safety, healthy eating/nutrition, dental health, healthy habits/germ prevention, the heart and cardiovascular exercise. Pragyan organizes many events related Physical Education and Health which emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle FULL of exercise, movement and healthy eating habits.
Here at Pragyan , we strive to have all children active, involved, learning and having fun!