Workshop on “Methodologies of Pre-Primary Teachers”

To bring efficiency and adeptness in the teaching skills in Primary and Pre-Primary teachers, Pragyan Public School, Jewar conducted a 4 hrs. workshop in the school campus on 10th October, 2017 Tuesday.

Mrs. Sushma Puniya from ‘Madhuban Educational Books’ was the resource person of this workshop. All the pre-primary and primary teachers of Pragyan Public School Jewar along with the teachers of various member schools of Sahodaya NCR, participated in this workshop .

The resource person Mrs. Sushma Punia mentioned many techniques for the teachers to make teaching-learning process more and more effective and goal oriented. Through multimedia presentation, PPTs and other audio, visual aids, she made the subject more interesting. She demonstrated the real classroom situations and through various pedagogies she advised to achieve the desired goal.

All the teachers were very enthusiastic and Zealous during the workshop. Mrs. Deepti Sharma, Principal and Mr. Harish Kumar Sharma, Manager Pragyan Public School, Jewar were also present as the hosts. Mrs. Deepti Sharma appreciated the active participation of all the participants. The workshop was very useful for all the teachers.