Five day long workshop organized for teaching faculty

A five day long workshop was held for all the wings of teaching faculty in the school auditorium from 25th June by expert educators. It was all started under the able leadership of honorable Principal Mrs. Deepti Sharma. She had conducted seminar on different themes for three days in excellent expertise capacity. Having touched the non-scholastic area, she delivered lectures on the vision & mission of education and school as well as; value based education and “Bloom Taxonomy”-The hierarchy of learning.

The seminar was attended by all wings with much enthusiasm. As an impact of it, teachers realized the importance of Positive attitudes like skills and value based education to the letter. The concepts of Classroom management, multiple intelligence, Intrapersonal relationship, Conflict management and Core values were taken literally from paper to life. Beside the classes on positive attitude life skill and value Principle Miss Deepti Sharma had explain different techniques of class room management using innovative methods such as smart class e-learning, program matter of fact of topic “TIME MANAGEMENT “had been discussed in an elaborate manner. However she could give a solution or method for developing multiple intelligence and skill. Categorization of skill was also done. The sequence of learning ladder of BLOOM taxonomy in the systematic order- knowledge understanding/ comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis/creative, evaluation made everyone to be effective teacher in turn an asset to the institution.

Truly it was an enriching experience for all. Last three day seminar concluded on 27th June and everyone called it a day.

29th June (Monday) gave way to a new chapter-Seminar for the for pre primary teachers and caretakers on “integrated and Creative teaching for Kindergarten”.

The of our pre primary staff turned absolutely spellbound by the brilliance of Mrs. Sobha Mathur who is an educator par excellence in the field of organizing workshops. Having said that she could motivate and inspire the whole wings of teachers to the zenith for being an outstanding teacher who is specialized in Kindergarten. Mrs. Mathur could impart some innovative techniques which is creative and activating for very young mind and which were different from conventional play way Montessori methods or kindergarten methods of teaching it was an immensely enriching seminar on ”Integrated and creative techniques”For kindergarten teacher and care takers as well.

“Learning is a lifelong process; it wouldn’t be stopped; a good listener is a good speaker too”, she said. She also reiterated that with education, “Sky is the limit but knowledge and learning has no limits “. Everyone facilitated her for giving such memorable and fruitful seminar.

Last but not the least, as the saying goes “There is a healthy mind in a healthy body”, students physical as well as mental fitness cannot be underestimated. To promote physical capacity and thereby to enhance better learning under stringent discipline-a special seminar was conducted for all wings by renowned instructor Mr. Mukesh Kohli on 30th June (Tuesday) for he himself is specialized in physical education. He made us to understand the methodology of PEC India; also different physical activities like Yoga which would be good tools for better learning were taught. The art of true happy learning cannot be understood without genuine sense of humour and wit. As we all know “laughter is the best medicine” the ever cherished method such as” outdoor learning activates study tours excursions and expeditions were found to be reviving and revisiting during the time work shop. Teacher could find ways to make class room teaching, learning process interesting and boredom free through variation in methodologies. Thus we could make teaching learning more interactive and enjoyable as Mr. Kohli had given the idea of preparing abbreviation like PHD-(passionate hunger discipline” and KISS- (keep it short and simple). Now everyone unanimously can agree with the facts that are having learnt how to manage stress pressure and conflict- intrapersonal.

In fact it was a capacity building program on physical education which would be beneficial for the student community.